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God The Father Always Smiles While

Watching Happy Children At Play


What if?

What if there were No at risk or homeless families

What if there were No abused or neglected children

What if  Every child was wanted, loved and valued

What if you could help a child have a happy home

Ministries To Children, Inc. is dedicated to these dreams and goals. MTC raises monies for homeless families and hurting children. MTC works tirelessly to spread the message of the need for everyone to join in the battle against child neglect and homelessness.

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Did You Know

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  • 13,553 people were homeless in Arizona in 2022 an increase of 23% from 2020

  • 13% of the homeless population are families and unaccompanied youths


Helping children and their families who face homelessness, hunger and

medical needs with financial gap assistance

Challenges leading to homelessness

Family homelessness is not a NEW problem, but it is a fast growing concern. Almost overnight increases in rent, rising inflation (especially in gas and food prices) combined with sudden unemployment make it is easy to understand why many are just one paycheck away from homelessness.

We believe the problem of helping homeless families is our community and individual challenge. MTC invites you to join us in helping these children and their parents.

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Being a part of a better world where every

child is loved, wanted and valued.

How we are helping

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"Let's give a helping hand...not just a hand-out!"

                      ~ MTC Board Member Peggy Gascon-Kurtz

We help in times of sudden crises. 

Unexpected events lead to frightening uncertainty. 

Inability to pay for rent, food, or urgent medical needs are a nightmare for caring parents.  MTC steps in by covering the expense gap, therefore preventing families from having to experience homelessness.  

Please join us in meeting the goal of helping one family at a time, to prevent their children from experiencing homelessness.  We want to count on your support.

Today, "Ministries To Children" is a 501c3 and QCO charity devoted to hands-on, immediate assistance for homeless families. 

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