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Ministries To Children

MTC Begins

    How did this "Heart For Hurting Children" ministry begin?

     The Old Hospital


Ten years ago while attending a friend's wedding in San Pedro, Belize, C.A., Bob fell in love with the people and the small town.

He asked Dr. Lerida Rodriquez, one of the two doctors on the island of Ambergris Caye, how he could help.

"We need an incubator," she replied, "Too many newborns die because we cannot reach the mainland in time."

"I think we can handle that," promised Kurtz.

The new hospital area for infants

Within a week a new incubator arrived by boat and was installed in the San Pedro Health Clinic. "It was easy," said Kurtz, "I simply went to our local hospital and they donated the incubator and a friend (Barry McGriff of McGriff Industries) who owned a trucking company sent it to Miami where another friend who was shipping golf carts to the island brought the needed infant item to the clinic.


 Bob Kurtz then became one of the  prime movers in the initial meetings and planning for the much needed hospital in San Pedro. It was a life changing experience.

Bob Kurtz presents check for $15,000.00 to Beta Marin
of San Pedro

The new hospital in construction

Bob Kurtz and Captain Harry Ringler admire
the completed facility

Bob Kurtz at dedication of San Pedro hospital

Now, MINISTRIES TO CHILDREN has been formed. Many important ministries and organizations are supported. Here at home hurting and abused children in Alabama, Illinois, New York, and Florida have received support from MTC Golf. In addition to the hospital in San Pedro, Belize, "Whit's Place," an orphanage in Kenya, and fresh water for the mountain children of Bolivia are some of the worthy and important causes supported by MTC.

 Won't you please consider helping all the hurting children?

  Send your gift to:   "Ministries To Children"       P.O. Box 100      Cullman, Alabama  35056